How to get powerful results in content marketing and advertising? Data Analytics is your eyes to see through the real needs of your customers. We are proud to introduce you the training series for unlocking customer insights and optimizing digital strategy.

Upcoming training

Suitable for all bodies from beginner to professional in marketing, digital strategy, business planning and etc.


Google Analytics Pro Series – Fundamental (B01)

For anyone who is learning a practical way to

Google Analytics Pro Series – Fundamental (B01)

For anyone who is learning a practical way to collect data-driven customer insights from basic to deep.

Google Analytics Training (Pro II)

Anyone who want to customize their GA for more tailored analysis

Data Analytics Tools for eMarketers

Data Analytics Tools to assist in providing powerful business insights.

Data-Driven UX Design Course

A good step on actionable and improve your decision-making.

Social Media Data Analytics Course

Understand the trends of customer behaviour and journey

Data Analytics in Digital Marketing Plan

Gain the most powerful combination of marketing communications for your business.

2-Day Master Course of Data Analytics

Want to become a data analyst? Come and learn from the experts.

Google Analytics Training & 360 Concepts

Anyone who wish to use GA to optimise their web presence

The Hong Kong’s Professional Training Programme for Learning Data Analytics

The certified Google Analytics professionals at Beehive Strategy form our faculty-teaching team. The courses around data analytics in
Beehive Academic make the concept clear and simple by providing a collaborative learning
environment to connect energetic minds with the latest data analytic and digital marketing trends.