Data-Driven UX Design Course

data-driven ux design course

A good step on actionable and improve your decision-making.

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October 25, 2016
2.5 hours (7pm - 9:30pm)
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Establish how and why you stand out from the competition with a nice Data-Driven UX Design
Setting on a strategy, building out content, and seamlessly integrating marketing tactics can take significantly more time and effort than other traditional marketing communications and efforts. Successful marketing campaigns are grounded in the quality of data collected and how you apply purposeful data analytics techniques to the market, and then build a predictable customer journey together with a beautiful Data-Driven UX design on marketing communications.

There’s a plenty of room for improvement after knowing about Data-Driven UX. This course will let teach your tips to discovering sweet insights from data, and unmask how data can boost the success of your marketing programmes today. Now is the time to do data better!


The topics include: 

  • Introduction to Data Quality
  • Identifying key stages of Data
  • KPIs and Digital Communications Performance Benchmarking
  • Database Building and Management
  • Practice Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • Analytical Tools Step-by-Step Set-Up step and Metrics Correlation
  • Turning Insights into Value for Customers
  • Experience Running a Campaign with Factual Evidence

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand business problems
  • Enhance the quality of your marketing plan
  • Strengthen inbound marketing tactics
  • Smart Data Management Solutions
  • Alleviate data management and improve marketing results
Sold Out

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