2-Day Master Course of Data Analytics

Want to become a data analyst? Come and learn from the experts.

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December 8, 2016
12/08/2016 10am - 5pm
12/09/2016 10am - 5pm




Want to become a data analyst? Come and learn from the experts.
Find out why we think data analysts and data scientists have the sexiest jobs. This “Master Course” will walk you through the basics of data analytics and get you started on applying data analytics in real-life business operations.


This course offers an intensive exploration of the significance of data analytics and data management within digital communications and environment. At a time when data-connecting about digital activity is central to both business models and to guiding strategies for understanding the perspective on the “move towards data” is highly essential. You will also consider the cultural aspects of data’s role within everyday life in digital world.


The topics include:

Part I

  • Introduction of Data Analytics
  • The Different Stages of Data
  • Define and Implement Data Strategy
  • Define Measurable Objectives
  • Mapping Data with Customer Journeys
  • Understanding Marketing Effectiveness

Part II

  • Design Effective Experiments
  • Building Effective Data Models
  • Develop a Benchmarking System
  • Managing a Data Driven Operation
  • Develop Useful Reports & Dashboards
  • Data Analytics vs. Data Science

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain advanced understanding of data analytics.
  • Learn how to begin and apply data analytics.
  • Develop a full & cohesive data analytics plan
  • Understand the capabilities and limitation of data analytics
  • Leverage data in live business operations

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