Beehive Academic’s doors are open to any business group that want to grow their skill set in the Digital Marketing world.

We design our courses based on your specific needs, here’s a tour of our programme custom made for team.

Data Lobby

Welcome to the Data world, where we cater your startup stage needs in order to equip you for your digital career-journey. Gain hands-on experience to fill in the gaps in digital marketing path and enter the job market with credible confidence. Be the job candidate with hard skills that professional digital team are searching for.

Data Terrace

The view up here is sweet and hosts a view of potential for business owners or employees. Grow your business by learning the value of data and bridge the gap between your business and the costs of marketing. Learn how to make smarter decisions based on hard facts to run your business successfully.

Data Penthouse

You’ve made it. You are sitting comfortable in your career with extensive knowledge working in a digital agency or professional corporation. But even the most experienced of you know that there’s always more to learn when it comes to reaching genuine insights through valued data. Exceed your client’s expectations by taking advantage of digital. If you see any resemblances in our bees above, you’re more than welcome to join our training programme.

After Professional Training

Understand data framework and correctly utilize highly-complex information to be presented clearly with visible insights and possible solutions.